Wizlords in Space: Cosmic Card-tastrophe

Wizlords in Space: Cosmic Card-tastrophe

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Players: 2-3
Time: 15-45 min
Age: 14+

Magic-enhancing oomph has been discovered deep in space, and wizards are battling over it to become the Wizlord! But how much oomph will it take to reign supreme? That’s not a trick question; the first player to store 6 will be crowned the Wizlord in Space!

Use each wizard’s unique cantrip, or equip double-sided spell cards
to pull off cool combos! Will you safely store the oomph you get, or risk using its power to destroy your foes? Choose wisely, and you just might become the Wizlord in Space!


  • Synergistic combos between each wizard coupled with the risk/reward mechanic of oomph means tons of tactical decisions to make each turn
  • Game-changing double-sided spell cards to give your wizards even more options in battle
  • Symmetrical starting hands for a fair and tactical game (or try the extra characters and game modes for some cosmic chaos!)
  • An ever-increasing oomph die that constantly speeds up the game and keeps games tight until the last second