About Us

The Hexagon Board Game Cafe started when owners Kellie Ho and Randy Wong graduated from architecture school in 2008 and struggled to find work in the design field. Many hours and late nights were devoted to playing The Settlers of Catan and that devotion continued when Kellie and Randy moved to South Korea.

They continued their late nights playing with friends from various international locales – from Australia and South Africa, to the US, and the UK. It was there where they were first introduced to the concept of board game cafes. Board games, along with a great cup of tea or a glass of wine, became the common element that brought them and their global friends together. So upon their return to Canada, they wanted to bring that social experience back home. Four years later, in 2014, equipped with a personal collection of over 400 board games, Kellie and Randy opened the first Hexagon Cafe in Edmonton, Alberta.

Two years later, in 2016, Hexagon Cafe expanded to Calgary, Alberta.  With the continual rise of popularity in board games, they quickly outgrew their first location in Edmonton.  So in 2017, they packed up all the games and relocated 6 blocks down to their current – and bigger – location on Whyte Ave.