Reversible Vinyl Megamat 34 1/2" x 48"

Reversible Vinyl Megamat 34 1/2" x 48"

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Chessex Megamats! 
Useful for nearly every roll playing game (RPG) and miniature game available today!

  • Made of durable expanded vinyl, which provides an ideal playing surface.
  • Rolls easily for travel yet lies flat for game play
  • Provides smooth, padded matte surface to protect your miniatures and dice
  • Draw your layout right on the surface with water-based pens; simply clean up with a damp rag
  • Well suited for role-playing and wargame design
  • Stain resistant: spills wipe away easily

1" Squares / 1" Hexes

These mats, first made available in 1981, have become the standard for vinyl game mats.

Use water-soluble overhead-projection pens!
(NOT dry erase, grease pencil, or permanent markers),

you can write on the vinyl and remove later with water when the adventure is done.