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Coffee + Game Subscription
Coffee + Game Subscription
Coffee + Game Subscription
Coffee + Game Subscription

Coffee + Game Subscription

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You can now bring the Hexagon experience home with our new Coffee & Game Subscription! If you're in the mood to try a variety of coffee, this is the subscription for you. While you're having your first sip of coffee in the morning, have a little fun around the coffee table with a quick and easy game hand-picked by a Hexpert. 

Customizing your coffee plan is easy! Just let us know:

  • Type of Roast
  • Preferred Grind (whole bean, espresso, drip)
  • One-Time Purchase or Monthly Subscription

Let's Talk Coffee!

The Longest Road (Espresso)
The Longest Road is Hexagon's custom blend, roasted by our partners at Rosso Coffee Roasters.  It is also the espresso roast used at our cafes. The Longest Road blend is chocolatey, nutty, and smooth with low acidity. The beans are blended origins of Colombian and Brazilian beans.

Santa Lucia (Medium Roast)
Santa Lucia is rich in flavour and smooth in texture with very low acidity. The beans have chocolate and almond qualities with origins from Brazil. It is a classic coffee that you can drink on its own or with cold or steamed milk. 

Basecamp (Dark Roast)
Basecamp has a full body profile with a rich sweetness. Expect notes of dark chocolate and sticky molasses. This can be used as an espresso or filter coffee that balances well with milk.

Now Let's Talk Games!

Included with the subscription, we will handpick an amazing game for your household to enjoy. These games are easy to learn and set up, so don’t worry about the rules! If you already own the game, let us know and we will exchange or issue a gift card. Next time you and your friends need a break or some time to de-stress, play a little game and sip some coffee.

Subscriptions will be ready on a monthly basis and can be any length of time. Local shipping and curbside pickup are available and subscriptions will be billed monthly.